Month: April 2016

The role of the body in meditation

We use the body as our power position in meditation or adopt a position which is comfortable/relaxing to meditate in. With continual practice, meditation can create a healthy and active body. It can reduce the craving for food. Meditation can change our overall outlook and attitude as we become more confident and cooperative.

The role of breathing in meditation

Using breathing exercises in meditation can be extremely beneficial for various reasons. Controlling our breathing can help control our thoughts and feelings. By taking long deep breaths we can slow the thinking process until we become internally still. Controlled breathing helps us to be in the present moment, becoming “now”. This calm and contemplative state Read More …

The role of the shabad in meditation

The shabad prepares us for meditation. By focusing on the shabad during meditation it removes our attention from negativity and distractions. Meditation changes our expectations and gradually our emotions and behaviour. By practising meditation, we become calmer. In order for meditation to work effectively, it has to be practised consistently. Meditation is not a game Read More …