The Need For A Guide : Part 1

A Guru’s achievement in spirituality makes him God’s first choice and the last man standing. He is the best friend of a student of spirituality. A Guru is aware of both sides of the world, so is the perfect link between humans and God.

We learn by observing the link between action and result. The result allows us to make the necessary adjustment to change us. Our progress is experience based.

Progressing in spirituality is important as it excites the mann (mind). Without excitement the mann becomes bored and less committed to the process. Progress and result are very important to our advancement in meditation. Both require consistent effort but there is no consistency in the process, only random experiences which are there to improve our focus and hold our interest.

The process is partial information and preparation. Information is important because the inner personal experiences are short lived. We can create some consistency in human nature with habits and beliefs but the process is independent. Either we learn from someone who has already achieved it and become more aware of the process or we learn by changing according to Guru’s experience.