The Need For A Guide : Part 2

Without a Guru’s participation, we remain ignorant to the process. The whole process is a combination of confusion and empty space which makes learning necessary. Ignorance affects our decisions which become our karma (destiny). Karma creates stress and stress affects our focus.

We need a Guru’s involvement for clarity rather than purity. Clarity comes from a Guru’s teaching, purity comes from maintaining discipline. We need both because of the nature of the process. Passion can only take you to the point of awakening. In clarity we are better prepared to deal with uncertainty. As the process is uncertain, it creates continuous doubts. Those doubts are removed with the light of a Guru’s teaching, which creates awareness and increases our capacity to absorb more.

Questions and doubts occur in all but they become our searching tools. A Guru becomes our navigator. The simple act of observing and absorbing our Guru, sees us through the process. The whole process is Guru based: Guru’s shabad(word), Guru’s blessing, Guru’s knowledge and Guru’s guidance.