The Need For A Guide : Part 4

A Guru is needed more because of human emotions. Emotions are fragile and often difficult to control as the mann cannot predict and cope with the unpredictably. We need a Guru’s knowledge to help us cope otherwise we end up losing more. In times of ignorance or negligence a Guru’s seva (service) can save the day but it does not fulfil our potential, it only takes us to the point of a Guru.

We need a Guru because our meditation’s progress is based on the wealth of meditation, karma and attitude. When a Guru initiates with shabad, he gives us his wealth to start off with and then supports us throughout the process. Although the process is silent it has to be explained but it rarely changes. It needs to be learnt and understood so we can prepare and progress. Adapting or accepting can take time and time sees us through by being patient and silent, not by applying the knowledge.

A Guru works as a mentor or a coach, preparing to unlock our inner potential by giving shabad and relevant information with which, we build our relationship with the inner system through passion and resilience. We learn from the Guru, as passion is from within and can see us through all ups and downs.