The Need For A Guide : Part 6

A Guru is not a leader. He is a transformational teacher. Gurus lead their lives with integrity and dignity. People’s perception of a Guru creates a problem. On a personal level, a Guru has a great sense of humour but only a select few recognise their potential. A Guru is here to awaken people not to satisfy them. God only works through a Guru, as he is the only role model to follow. We all have choices – some people choose to follow a holy book and some choose to follow a Guru. A Guru is not an average or a common person. Average is not doing well. A Guru is different and special. Only by being different can they make an impact. A Guru is for a select few but it is their caring and sharing nature which attracts people.
With a Guru a disciple gains freedom, experiences God, peace and enlightenment. All of which are priceless and everlasting. We maximise the benefit of the process by personalising the Guru, avoiding or minimising being in a bad environment and continuously improving.

The process is not based on self-pity but on self-improvement for which a Guru is needed. No one has reached to the top without a Guru. Maintain your confidence in yourself, in the process and in the Guru.