Time & Meditation : Part 4

How long should we meditate for?

Meditate for as long as you are enjoying it, for as long as you are comfortable. Sants (saints) recommend two and half hours to begin with.

How do we value time?

We value time by change. In moh maya (material world), we value time by achievements. We also value by our effort. The only effort is breathing in. Time is valued by events, seasons, clocks, calendars and circumstance.

Does time play a vital role in our lives?

Life is time. We are allocated time but we are kept in suspense because we don’t know how long we have left. It creates a sense of urgency and emergency so we take meaningful actions. Time is an opportunity.

Is it important to meditate at the same time each day?

Yes in the beginning it is important as it builds momentum. For the body it becomes a memory. When you meditate regularly, it becomes a habit and feels natural.

Is quality or quantity of time more important in meditation?

Both are equally important as they condition. Quality is the end result. If we meditate regularly with discipline then the process will feel more natural.

Does how long you meditate for have a part in whether you gain salvation or not?

It plays a part for as long as there is self discovery because that creates our freedom.

How does a Sant perceive time?

Through breath. Time is a commodity, valuable and a gift from God. It needs to be recognised and appreciated. We need preplanning for recognition. Appreciate by making use of time and giving it attention which creates its worth. A Sant only values the present and future.

What is meditation?

Meditation is about coming into the present. It is about coming into the body. We become an observer.

Who is meditation for?

Meditation is for everyone. It is for anyone who has time for meditation. As it requires a strict discipline, there are only a few who practise it. Meditation is for those who are interested in freedom and salvation. Whoever is prepared for it.

Why should we meditate?

For self discovery. It kills past and future and helps us live in the present. Meditation is about going into the self. It controls thoughts and emotions through discipline.

How do we meditate?

With mann. The only body effort is breathing in and holding breath and repetition of shabad. Mann is used for visualising. It’s about breathing and becoming what you used to be.