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Dealing with difficult times

Although God views us all as equals, each individual’s life is different. When dealing with difficulties in life, we should give them a positive spin/meaning and treat every difficult situation like a lesson that teaches us something. We should accept every situation because God always tests us before giving us anything.  


We should make positive changes in our lives, as such changes can bring us closer to God. This could be changing negative thoughts and actions into positive ones and becoming more optimistic rather than pessimistic. We should learn to appreciate and thank God every day for all the positive things He has provided us.

Rehit & Maryada

We must follow God’s rules and regulations (rehit & maryada) as God only connects with and worries about those people who follow His rules – those that are Gurmukh. The most important rules involve keeping your thoughts clean (shudh vichar), your intentions pure (niyat saaf), maintaining balance and good time management during daily life. God Read More …