The Importance Of Sangat : Part 5

Being a part of a sangat is a deliberate and intentional lifestyle which determines our success. Not any sangat will do. It must be the right one – where the sangat is a community, created to achieve a specific result. The right sangat is where the result has already been achieved.

The sangat can become our barrier function which differentiates us and gets us recognition. As we started the process with expectation to fulfil that desire, the barrier function becomes the key, otherwise we become busy looking for more in all directions.

We all have different expectations so the process is different to each. Although we start from an expectation, it is the attention which is the key. The stronger the attention, the faster an experience will manifest and the more the mann will change.

Barrier functions take us out of our comfort zone and makes us uncomfortable in order to stretch us. We have to build boundaries first because the mann only functions within boundaries.