The Importance Of Sangat : Part 6

Passion and ambition fail without a sangat. The Sangat is a value based disciplined lifestyle not determined based. The Sangat becomes the direction. Our common values make us feel valuable. The clearer the values are the longer the cooperation lasts.

Similarity in values create relaxation for the body and mann, as it is only in stability that we can prepare and progress. The process works like compounded interest, everything is just a little more – a little more learning, a little more practising etc. Meditation is not about surviving, it’s about the soul making progress. The soul only expands through experience.

In sangat we change the mann. New information changes our behaviour and prepares the body for future expectations but not for meditation. A sangat is an advantaged position, we create a new level for the mann to function from.

The greatest strength in the process is getting along with each other – together as one. We are all connected from inside not outside.

At first sangat is taken at face value, then from experience. Sangat is everlasting and it is our only and last chance to see God. The sangat is like a magnet, it attracts God.