The Passion Of The Shabad : Part 3

The Shabad is earned through good deeds. It is not found. Once we have the Shabad we must spend time alone with it – this brings us into our self. We make a commitment where we are willing to sacrifice.

With repetition, the Shabad is brought to its full capacity. If the Shabad stays at memory levels it loses it shine and value and the mann loses interest in the Shabad.

When the Shabad takes us through classes/ stages, we delete the old and create the new. The new is uncomfortable at first but then we learn from a Guru that we are making progress.

The Shabad on its own has no value. Only when its attached to a Guru can it generate emotion to control the mann. In the beginning we focus on the Shabad, then we focus on the Guru. Whatever we give attention to, we give power to.