The Passion Of The Shabad : Part 5

Until the experience of oneness, the best we can do is to have belief in the Shabad. The belief is strong enough to take us to the point of experience of oneness. Oneness is seeing the similarity or familiarity created through the affirmation of the Shabad.

The Shabad also prepares us for emotional times and serves us well when they arrive. As humans we make mistakes at an emotional level. However, as emotions are controlled, so too are mistakes.

Emotions are generated by giving attention. Attention can be diverted with the Shabad, as can internal and external conditions.

Emotions lock us in the past but the Shabad enables continued improvement. Emotions create an identity. An identity is the result of fixed patterns. Anything that is fixed doesn’t work in the process. The Shabad helps us to become more flexible and adaptable so we become open minded.