The Passion Of The Shabad : Part 6

The Shabad gently trains and educates the mann, without applying force of any kind. When the mann is exhausted with the repetition of the Shabad, it begins the process of purification and creates a balance. Balance is needed for total focus.

As the mann is persistence based not determination based the Shabad only works in rhythm. The Shabad creates strength in persistency.

The process of learning or practising meditation begins from inner awakening, first brought about by the Shabad – it is the mann’s awakening.

We don’t always receive or inherit meditation. We have to learn and develop to gain ground. This requires courage. Only knowledge gained in the Shabad is accepted by the mann, as the mann is experience based which comes from courage.

The combination of knowledge, experience and courage becomes God’s choice -a Gurmukh. A Gurmukh is God’s choice.

When we find ways to succeed, we become special or different. Only courage satisfies God. Not knowledge. God only moves towards greatness. Greatness always comes from courage.