The Process of Meditation : Part 1

The process of meditation is the play of God and playing with God. To understand the process we must understand what meditation is.

Meditation is a silent journey based on experiences, starting and ending, sharing and listening. By listening attentively one’s inner system listens. Mediation is without involvement or interference. It is resting in the beyond.

Although the journey is silent it is supported by use of a shabad. The shabad is used to disturb our addictive thinking and create a state of mind, power, position or location. This state is that of non-involvement or non-attachment as nothing belongs to us internally or externally.

With the power of the shabad, we are able to remain unattached. The shabad also holds our focus so we stay absorbed in this golden state. The more we relax, the more we enjoy this state. Expectations disturb this state.