The Process of Meditation : Part 2

Thinking is a process. We are addicted to thinking but are unaware of this. With addictive thoughts, we become dependent on them. Our thinking can become out of control. No one claims it, no one owes it, it is no one’s responsibility and no one forces it. Thinking results in distraction. Thinking is behind the eyes.

We don’t have to think if we don’t want to. It can be stopped by shabad and by looking into your thoughts. By looking into yourself into the well of infinity one can go beyond.

Involvement is the inner process and attachment is the external process as we are attached to moh maya. We are involved because we expect something. Both involvement and attachment takes us into thinking.

Meditation is a process of without thinking. Expectation is just more. Whatever we experience, we want more of it. It creates pressure. There is time in waiting. However, when something happens suddenly, without expectation it is exciting.