The Process Of Meditation : Part 5

Meditation is a process which is internal and external, visible and invisible, practised with and without the body.

External factors are a combination of timely information, daily practice of focusing and the fulfilment of our daily activities and interests to strengthen our position by satisfying God’s expectations.

God gives us with conditions but expects us to come to him without condition.

Information creates awakening and awareness. Awareness removes limitation and doubts. Information that is too early or too late is a waste. By combining information and focus we are able to remove attention from the body and allow the body to become the process. By observation you and the process become one.

Without it, it is a structure. The process doesn’t die. Without looking inward, the process never begins or ends. By turning inwards, we create a distance between the Meditator and the body or well.

At the same time we are able to narrow the gap between the Meditator and Creator to a single breath. There is no second chances in a single breath. It is important to create a gap between the body and the mind/mann because the body’s survival is so limited by knowledge and understanding.

The inner process is not without failing or falling. Our inner success depends on our external environment. Outer experiences and achievements depend on our inner focus. Failing to recover delays the arrival of the end result. Delay is considered a weakness, not a lack of something.

The passion is always available and open to all until last breath. It’s a matter of giving attention to your decisions not expecting. The process is about detaching. Expectancy creates time. In waiting, we miss the opportunity.