The Process Of Meditation : Part 6

The process of meditation is not without challenges and requires endurance. We face many challenges such as temptation or a lack of motivation when we feel we are not progressing. Sometimes we must meditate during difficult times.

The process of mediation requires courage. Courage builds persistence – the key demand of the process. We build courage by the help and support of the Guru and sangat. We only endure the pain of our sins.

The process of meditation is not without frustration or irritation as the result may be slow in coming. With the practice of discipline, we remain committed to the process in the living breath. Discipline becomes a succeeding factor. Without discipline, frustration and irritation becomes a weakness and limitation so the process is incomplete.

The process of meditation is never ending and never satisfying for three reasons: it is connected to our breath, the hunger for more and to stretch us. The more we become addicted to something, the more we want it. The process is about stretching and expanding our personal potential.