The Process Of Meditation : Part 7

The process is not about achieving or becoming victorious. It is about appreciating and being a part of the process. This is enough. For achievement you need ego.

There are no competitors, only participants. Everyone is playing their part so we must share as we are dependent on each other. Environment, sangat and situations affect and support our progress. Sometimes you’re faced with a situation where you have no choice but to take action. As a result of different circumstances, we learn, change and develop. The Sangat helps us during difficult times as they share information. The process of mediation is not about shortcuts or undercuts. It’s not about deception or degrading. It is about self-improving.

The process is not about looking for alternatives or creating some kind of control. It is not about controlling the process. It is about controlling the mann. The process is about having a single minded approach as otherwise the mann becomes a distraction. The process is about coming home not going somewhere. The process is about following instinctively not logically. Logic requires understanding.

This process is possible without knowledge or karma but is not possible without Guru. We need a Guru because the process is unpredictable. This unpredictability makes God more interesting as it makes us become more and more curious about Him.