The role of breathing in meditation

Using breathing exercises in meditation can be extremely beneficial for various reasons. Controlling our breathing can help control our thoughts and feelings. By taking long deep breaths we can slow the thinking process until we become internally still.

Controlled breathing helps us to be in the present moment, becoming “now”. This calm and contemplative state allows for a deeper focus which leads to stronger connection.

The longer we can stay in this state, the more stability and clarity it can bring. As a result we are able to make better decisions, which can have a positive effect on our relationships with people.

Meditation can remove doubts and fears by creating a path of peace and provide a greater understanding of ourselves.

Meditation increases our willpower, determination and tolerance. We need to have strong willpower and inner strength in order to endure and overcome life’s obstacles as life is full of so many uncertainties.

Humility is an important factor of meditation as it increases our capacity to learn and develops our intuition. We become more tolerant of people and difficult situations as we find more effective ways of dealing with problems.