Time & Meditation : Part 3

How is past,  present and future related to meditation?

We need all. The past is unchangeable but useful for learning. The past is a memory. Memory is an important part of meditation in order to repeat the process.

The present - repetition of shabad, holding breath, body position, experience, thoughts and emotions. Without the present there would be no future or past.

The future is for planning.

How do we plan in meditation?

With sangat. Future exercises choice and decision. It practices our invisible powers of visualisation and imagination. As the future is unpredictable it keeps us in suspense.

Why is time management important?

We have to manage our thoughts, our words, our actions and emotions. By managing our time, we create more time because we isolate it for something specific. This increases its value.

When is the best time to meditate?

Whenever. Every second, in every breath. Meditation brings us to the present. The past becomes a memory and the future is an expectation. The best time is in your own time. Heaven has no “when”. We choose when. Historically Sants (saints) would meditate first thing in the morning - it increased their responsibility.