Time & Meditation : Part 5

Vela Vakat Vichariai Tah Kit Vela Bhagat Hovai - does the right time exist?

There’s no fixed time and no requirement. It is a continuous flow so you can’t choose time. Time gives the illusion of choice. We prioritise time. Going into yourself can be done at any time.

Vela Vakat Vichariai Tah Bhanda Hoi - How do we recognise and appreciate time?

We give time attention which creates its worth.

Ik Ghari Aadhi Ghari, Aadh Hon Toh Aadh - how do we make every second count?

Every second is important. Time spent in sangat is an investment because it prepares us for the future. We share information which creates immediate and long lasting results.

Tann Soh Vela Moorat Chitth Jineh Sacche Naal Pyaar.

We take meaningful actions when in love. There is no doubt or fear. Time is attached to love and memory. We see the value of it. We meditate from memory.

Sunh Mann Mitar Piyaria Mann Vela Hai, Jab Tak Jogan Saath Hai Tan Lab Hai De.

Body is time. Time is body. Time is attached to the body through mann. Mann (mind) is moved by emotions and that is limited. You can only meditate as long as the body is healthy. We behave according to time. We slow time down by feeling guilty, ashamed and sad. Time flies when we’re excited and happy. Time is still but it is attached to various things. It is constant.

Tan Soh Vela Vich Darshan Karna - What do we do with time?

Real time is now. We experience through mann. Those experiences become valuable with time. Our achievements, life experience and knowledge become valuable.